On The Blue Train, the luxury of personal service comes standard. Our friendly, efficient and highly-trained staff take great pride in resolving your every query and satisfying your every need. A late night snack? An early morning wake-up call? A blouse in pressing need of a little tender care? One call and your butler will take care of it. The Train Manager is also on call at all times. 
Our on-board services include, but are not limited to:
    • Snacks and beverages served in your private suite on request,
    • A limited on-board laundry and valet service,
    • Safes in all the suites for your valuables, and
    • A van for luggage that you will not need during the journey.
The Blue Train’s telephone system runs the full length of the train, allowing you to contact your butler or the Train Manager 24-hours-a-day. If you wish to make international calls, our staff will gladly assist you to do so, at an additional fee.

In addition, our two highly-trained on-board technicians are always eager to share their knowledge with you, and you can also enjoy a camera-view from the drivers’ perspective from the comfort of your own suite.


Individually Prepared Meals
Gourmet Meals
At Your Service