Elegant Lounges

In the event that you are able to whisk yourself away from your luxurious cocoon of comfort, The Blue Train offers two convivial spaces in which to build friendships over a beverage of choice. The Club Car, ideally situated behind the train’s engines offers the feel of a burnished, wood-panelled gentleman’s club where you are free to enjoy a Cuban cigar which we serve after dinner to round off a perfect evening. Wind down and relax with cognac or any drink of your choice. Whether you’re after a game of backgammon, chess or cards, the lure of the big screen or a tome from the library’s selection, a fascinating chat with the barman or simply a solitary reverie of the star-lit skies, then the Club Car is your ideal setting.
The beautifully designed Lounge Car, conveniently situated in the middle of the train, is an ideal venue to enjoy the charming view of the countryside, with its windows perfectly framing the ever-changing panoramas and interrupted only by rare works from some of Southern Africa’s finest artists – or an occasional gentle reminder from the barman that your glass needs topping up.
Breeze into the Lounge Car for afternoon High Tea… a traditional English ritual of taste and aroma that is enhanced by the classic, elegant opulence of this carriage, or wander in after your five-course dinner banquet for another glass of award-winning wine or a taste of fine Port to round off your perfect evening.

Club Car
Solitary Reverie
Build Friendships