Boutique Shop

As the wheels of The Blue Train transport you to an era of untempered luxury and through breath-taking landscapes – both of which will become indelibly etched and cherished memories – you may wish for a more tangible reminder of this opportune time. For this reason, The Blue Train is home to an exclusive boutique, an oasis that promises to satiate your desire for a fitting memento.

Choose from a range of quality items that bear the elegant herald of the “vehicle of your dreams”. From golf shirts to playing cards, from key rings to cufflinks to lavish, leather gifts, these one-of-a-kind souvenirs will brand themselves into memory, and bring your Blue Train experience to life all over again.. The boutique limits its clientele to two per viewing, ensuring you of the best individual attention.

Should you purchase a valuable keepsake and would prefer greater security than the safe in your suite, the boutique will store the item securely until you are ready to take possession of it.

Exquisite Necklaces
Valuable Tanzanites
Precious Keepsakes